Winter Woes

As the weather gets colder; so does my heart

As I don my wool jacket - thats when the doom and gloom starts

My friends turn away as I become nervous

My family seeks help as I tear their spirts down

The spheres that fall white turn my heart black

Black as ebony; only because  of the white snow

The Christmas lights, the holy, and bows only distract me from my woeful abode

Society around me laughs and plays - while I am home, in bed, to stay

Ten hours, twelve hours, maybe even sixteen hours of sleep

Looking for anything; anything at all - to keep the depression from eating me alive

Guide that inspired this poem: 



I love how this is written and what it says, few things I'd change but they would just be my own personal touches.
The feeling it gives is fitting of its name and true to its message.

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