Wings For the Soul

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 17:34 -- Wyn1347

Imagine this:

Life in the dark,
no sound and no action.
Static in safety and peace of mind,
but you can't feel, you don't do.
The darkness too consuming,
you can't even take a breath.

And as you suffocate beneath the emptiness,
people only push you down further,
willing you to be the same as them,
forcing you into the dark like them.
They want you to walk and talk like them,
until nothing of you is left.

But suddenly, you're given wings- words on a page.

With full and bright pinions,
an apparatus for voice,
you push yourself from the darkness
into a world of bright light.
With writing and words 
your soul can take flight.

You are finally free.




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