When young you're taught
not to fly beyond the edges of the nest
so you spend so much time just wondering
what's outside?
Buildings are made to contain us
only giving us glimpses of what's outside
outside the ever so cozy walls of our
homes, schools, chruchs, buildings.
You're taught not to use the wings
you've been given.
They grow weak from abandonment.
A few years later
suddenly they thrust you from the nest,
you try to use your wings but you fall
fall to the ground and the outside world
from which you've been sheltered.
Your wings too weak to support you
the reality of what it means to be able
to fly flows around you and attempts to
crush you.
Parents say, "You'll be fine."
as the debt of your actions pull you under,
make you desperate.
So you cry out for help, help
that only comes for people
less fortunate than you.


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