The Wilted Flower

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 21:23 -- MeWils


She was a flower,

She held herself high,


White and filled with innocence.

But someone came along,

He took away the flower's sunlight,

He uprooted the flower,

Put her in a dark corner.

He stole away her innocence,

She wilted,

Her leaves turned brown,

Her petals fell into the never ending darkness.

Everyone asked where the flower was,

What happened to that beautiful flower?

They tried to help her from the corner,

They told her this wasn't her.

The flower was as empty inside as it was outside,

She was just another weed to add to his list.


She was better than that,

She wouldn't be contained to that same dark corner.

The flower found a tiny ray of sunshine,

She grew stronger,

Her petals grew back.

They weren't as white and vibrant as before,

No the flower would never be the same.

But now the flower was untouchable,

Stronger than before and beautiful,

Inside and outside she was different.

She will never wilt again.







Beautifully touching!

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