Will You Marry Me, When It's Legal?

Two people were born with the capacity to love and be loved. They lived their lives in sepearte towns, with rival football teams and differing zipcodes. They went to college together and never met. They lived their lives so close, but so distant. Finally they met, coffee poured down one's shirt p as the other profusely appologized. They began to chit chat, everything was so...normal. They fell into the rapport, and began a relationship. It was kisses in the moonlight, dancing in their underwear, going to the movies, unmade beds. Their love was simply breathtaking. They fit together like a puzzle, their interests were so alike it was unbelievable. They held hands, they fought, they cried, and their ribs burst at the seams with laughter. They had a baby, everything was perfect until it wasn't. They were two men. That isn't normal, according to society. The beautiful marriage proposal with tears, tuxedos and their daughter was enrapturing, except it wasn't even legal. These two people who loved each other so deeply; they had a home, a child, a life together, couldn't be married? Their daughter came home asking where her mommy was, and why kids teased her. Their parents called, and asked if they were still "confused." If only life were as simple as when they were young men without a care in the world. A marriage propsal should lead to a marriage, not years of waiting. When did it become anyone's right to determine the meaning of love? When did it become an affair of the government? They were "engaged" for 5 years before it was leagalized. The men had not yet wed when a terrible accident occured, one was severely injured on vaction, his partner, his fiance, his lifemate, was not permitted in the room. There is no debate, this situation should never happen again. The men were wed, finally after years and years, when during those years millions were drunkenly getting married, getting divorced, marrying for money, but because they were two men that "defied the tradtion of marriage." Love is love, humans are all humans, everyone deserves the right to equal love, no matter what.


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