Will made pt2

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 12:07 -- Kristyn

Single and enjoying the sun
Chilling doing my own thang
Not worried about a damn thing
Getting my grind right
Reminding where it started
Fuckin up
Daydreaming of the things I'd never see
Life on my own
Doing me
Living in a house
Coming theses meals
VIP plates
Working the garden
All the dirty work
Making bills paid on time never late
Staying off grid
Hella smart
Dancing barefoot
Catch the midnight heat
You think it's for you
You'll lose
Raising these bars
Working overtime
I'm a natural at this
Freestyle better off the beat
The realist there is
Everyone hates poetry
They don't want to hear the truth
Bounce back
Go straight to the horse mouth
I'm a beast with these teeth
Just a bitch
Laugh at that
Like I feel you
Blue clues
Looking for the tune
Your not at my level
Working out the
Recipes and receipts
The house always clean
My favorite job
Jamming to the beat
Do not disturb
Now let's back track

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