The Wild


Dna a pattern woven through time and space 

I am it’s here and now

Sacred human connection as told in the stories of old 

I am the calling of my ancestors

My heartbeat is their war cry for remembrance

An echoed rhythm

Sounded in the beating of drums 

Healing the architecture of the archetypal 


an ascension to grace

My thoughts a restructured effect

Multiple expressions of emotional 




tune in



Tune out 

I Listen


And outside

I am moved 

As the moon calls to me 

A howl 

my voice no longer soft

The sound shatters the glass houses of 

Decisions made by alter egos vying for powerlessness an illusion of control

I am the wild they fear

burned at the stake

I am the flame of the causation

Singing the songs of the wolf As I dance

into my destined role 


Do you hear the drums?

Rising above the foggiest notion

My pack restored to their rightful place

Hunted no more 

I am the shaman 

I wear my skills Wrapped tightly around my waist 

Scaled by my hips

They breath the fire 

A dragons envy

Singing celebrations of revelations

With power

cause and effect

The fierceness of freedom

Shatters sanctions of denied expression 



The anthems of Evolution gathering genetic organisms of universal truth

Released with each vibration 

The drums beat 

As I ride the moon into woods

Blindfolded, so the branches of distraction do not impede my progress

I move with the shadows 

Cast by nightmarish memories

death and destruction 

As they tried to silence the drums



Resurrected again, molecules cast by stars 

The ancient ones tears

Shed light 

on the path 

my footfalls, 

The sound of drum beats

My spirit,

An undomesticated outcry

la Luna heeds the command

She Raises the tides

The ships set sail

Wolf breaths, winds of magic

The captain, my Destiny 

Our legends, 

legends no longer legions of repurposed antidotes of a dynasty



Waves of many moons pound the shores

Keeping tide 

A reign of revolutionary sovereignty swift as nightfall ascends 

My descendants ride on the wings of ravens dressed as the sands of time 

Moonlight and wolves tracks 

Permit passage

I am the now of the past

The then of the future

Mountains bow

Stepping stones, Illuminated by antecedent reverence 




Our divine birthright

To stand at the alter

No longer scarifies


Worshiped by life itself 

We unify as deities of Earth

Can you feel the drums



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