Why Write?

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 13:36 -- bdey


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Life aint nothing but a little passing thing
I move, learn, and talk yet
Nothing seems to change
Stuck in a cycle of never ending motions
Words and actions are nothing but a poisonous potion
I can’t begin to grasp to meaning of life, yet
When I write, everything feels all right
When I write, my life seems to matter
My words--they gain power
They become more than words…but actions
I realize my life is meant for more than depression
And I read the words I write and decide to take a stand
Become the powerful woman my life has seemed to ban
You see, I’m used to cowering in the corner
But when I write, I see my power
When I write, I become more than an artificial flower
My life becomes my own and
I do the things I would have postponed
You see, I read my words and see that my life has hope
I see that we are stuck in a life we just mope in
Next thing I know I have a mic in my hand
And I’m speaking the words that I wrote
Hoping to get others to stay afloat
And I cant help but get excited
As I see hope in the eyes of others as they are reunited
With the hope I have recited
You see, when I write, pain dies
When I write, courage begins to fly
People begin to live in control of their own life
Instead of dangling it over a kitchen knife
This is the unknown power of words
To change ones meaningless life to the life that they prefer.


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