Why is it?

Well,why is that when I go to college fairs I see white as far as the eye can see. Im tired of being the only one whose not one of them. Why is it that we don't step up and make a difference to what society is laid out to be. Our parents push us harder as their hands get dirtier, its just how life is. Why is that young adults go out into the world of college search not being able who to look up to because there is no one. Why is it that there is so much confusion about the step from high school to college, that not many know the options of scholarships and hard work paying off at the end.

Why is it that minority groups have low percentage in graduation rates, jeez I'll tell you why.

BECAUSE its a blessing to graduate high school and its a miracle to graduate from a university. BECAUSE we work, we take care of family. BECAUSE we were never told about an empleory story to follow, we all heard the story of coming home from school to go to work. That was our life school to work to bed to be done all over again. To be part of a never ending cycling.

That is why, why we should change, not just for us but for the change of the future, that is why we as miniorties should fight for equallity in education.

That is the only way out, there is no other option.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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