Why Poetry?

Why Poetry?


Why poetry, they say?

Maybe it's because I don't know how to formulate these thoughts into full sentences.

Cause twenty tabs are open;

That one song won't stop playing.

Why poetry, they ask?

Maybe because it's for the simple minded; 

But my minds not simple.

With twenty tabs open;

That one song will not stop playing.

And the words I say stand for more than just petty symbols.

Petty meaning of little importance,

Not the games that other teenagers use it to play

Why poetry, they ponder?

It's not because it's easy.

Or I have a niche.

It helps me stumble across and slay the words I never thought I'd be able to repeat.

Even with twenty tabs open;

And that one song that won't stop playing.

Why poetry, they question?

Maybe because she is blunt over tricky subjects.

They weren't tricky when they occurred.

I never thought they'd use this as an excuse to explain that I like to free verse.

Not everything has to rhyme.

And maybe that's why it helps me explain why the things happened the way that they did.

When in all actuality,

I couldn't comprehend it.

I can't put into full sentences, 

Or paragraphs, 

Why these things happen.

Because even with twenty tabs open,

And the song playing--

My directions are crossed.

If X is b, and c doesn't exist, and an apple is flying twenty miles per hour down a one lane road that ends off a cliff...

How can you expect me to understand this?

Because I have twenty tabs open;

And that one song--

Just keeps playing.

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