Why Once Upon a Dream..



Once upon a dream..

If  you are like most children, you thought of the magical storyline beginning.

A poet somewhere might see it as the start of a somber memory..

Maybe the distant memory of the song "Once Upon a December" plays through your head when you hear the phrase..

What is Once Upon a dream?

Why does it shake everyone so?

Do we look for the heartfelt and exciting thrill of what a dream could mean?

Maybe it is the idea of taking ourselves from reality for awhile. That distant thought of previous dreams or an old tale.

I can't help but ponder why does this phrase stick through our minds.

It never fails as an intro or perhaps the question to an essay's beginning.

But what is "Once Upon a Dream" really? 

If you asked me that is the meaning entirely.

It can be anything. Anything and everything someone might wish it to be. Something a childs heart imagined or maybe even the chorus to a song.

Once Upon a Dream.. how you remain a dream of your own. 

Wandering through the minds of millions of hearts, "What is Once Upon a Dream?"


This poem is about: 
Our world


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