Why Not Me?

Can we have an Eve and Adam love Or, is there even chance of love.

I just hope that I don’t choke to ask if you love the man above.

Have you ever loved me? I wonder but your attitude has got me Stevie.

Push comes to shove and I change the way I live.

See, opposites attract and “I love you in a place” where “nobody’s supposed to be here.”

Yes, we can do everything from the Heineken commercials minus the beer.

Remember that time when push went to shove and shove again, smack, shove back, hug, slap, made love and slapped again. We must be perfect for wife and husband.

No, I refuse to undress you to some Vandross. More than get B.I.G. wit you in between the sheets.

More than address your needs for sex: how does your mind speak?

Love is a decision and sacrifice. Love was deception and a sack of lies.

We are in danger. You say we are fine, but we need work now not later. Paper stacks and online chats; we are two steps away from being perfect, strangers again.

A King need a Queen not a Joker, you Jacked my heart from the start with those perfect ten eyes. One stare will make a man stand straight.

You scared to go all heart so you flushed me down the toilet. But I’m all in. My heart soldier the way it fall in for you. Your first name is Joseph or your transmission’s broken the way you stallin.

This must be poker because I'm a one-of-a-kind and you still think you have nothing.    


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