Why is it so hard

When all I have wanted is to be liked

is it possible to feel so rejected

When I am defensive 

am I overreacting

Will I ever get over my anxiety

Will my anxiety ever not be questioned

Do I make mistakes

 or self -sabotage

Do you want me to change 

Can I change

Will you like me then

Will you accept me

Can I talk and not be annoying

I try but never seem to find the answer

I look but I don't see

I touch but I don't feel

No matter how much effort

there's no results

Can someone give me the answer 

Why do I make these mistakes

I just want to be accepted

I talk 

but you do not hear

You ask

but it is incincere 

I breath 

but I don't feel alive

Will anyone help

or am I right that no one cares



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