Why I Write (The Riptide Effect)

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 10:46 -- arelle

With 7 billion people in the world,

it is easy to be just another face in the crowd,

craving attention by being loud.

We are all born with a voice deep inside of us,

which can develop over time with

love, support and trust, but our voices can bury themselves alive

when we give into disgust, lies and lust.

We must not use our voices to spread hate.

Instead of building each other up, we spend our lives breaking others down.

As we navigate the ocean of life make sure you always know where you stand.

Be careful not to stand too close to the edge of the sand,

or a riptide might come and knock you off your feet and your voice will drown

I write to remember and inspire.  My voice is alive burning as an eternal fire! 

Once I lost my way but poetry was my beacon of hope that kept me from

becoming just another face in the ocean slowly sinking under the waves

don't let the riptide of life consume your positive energy and voice today.

I hope you write every single day, to remember that life is worth living.

Our voices are for healing, loving and forgiving.



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