why i write poetry


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I write for it's all I have
I write to let my feelings fly
to let the sins and pain wash out
I feel the pen in my hand
each word that I write,
it gives me a little hope
I write to let myself free
you may listen,
you may not,
but I write for my reasons alone
I write to think,
to breathe, to live
I write to smile, to laugh, to cry
poetry is my heart
I cannot let it pass me
for each and every word I write,
it has a story,
it has a meaning
antisuicide I write about most
about how I've come too close
I write to testify, to teach you a new
that the knife isn't as what they think it's to be
I write to tell you that you're not alone
to tell you I'm still alive
this is why I write

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