Why I Write

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 15:20 -- FOXKLX

Social destruction

                from world corruption

I write to uplift the depressed

The world says,

                “No space

                 for every race”

but I write to free the oppressed

With lying tongues

                in the worlds young

I write to tell the truth

Children self-loathing

                because of off brand clothing

I write to address the youth

Stolen voices

                as the government rejoices

I will write for you

For representation

                despite reputation

I hope you will write for me too


Distorted female figures

                from what clothing designers configure

I write for self-appreciation

People taking their precious lives

                with pills, guns, and knives

I write for thought evacuation

The country won civil rights

                yet gay marriage is still a fight

I write to embrace love

Multiple world religions

                yet people are persecuted for religious decisions

I write what others dream of

In a world filled with wrong

                I write to stay strong

I write to have control

                To purify my soul


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