Why I Write

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 18:15 -- Indigo


I write so that you may see me

Wrapped so eagerly into this language

That can move so swift from my lips that the meaning

 Brings nothing

But when you see it

It’s something so spectacular that you’ll think that the English language was

A project that united my mind and soul to be put on display

And every letter brings a new meaning to life


I write for

Those to hear my passionate cries for change

As though each word is a fingertip that can reach around the globe

 Until no one is left untouched by my literary campaign of beauty and love


When I write

It’s so that the words soul and the meditations of my heart

Become an anthem of a generation

Rather than speech of words forgotten

By those who need them most


writing gives me

The satisfaction of knowing that my God given talents were not hidden

Behind a plethora of excuses that I make every time a pen isn’t making

A sweet romance between itself and my paper

That I never wasted a moment sitting on someone else’s encouragement

That will soon depart from my extremities and enter into your life

In conclusion

I write for Us

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