This Is Why I Write

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 11:20 -- Holly

In confusion I often lie restless
And I sometimes sit in sadness
Angst-ridden I stare blankly
Or I'll crave to celebrate gladness.
“I'll paint a picture” I think
But no image I can find
I'll want to read something
But there's no room left in this mind.
So the thoughts and words bubble and fizz
Like a shaken soda can
And the pressure gets too great
And... I write something.
I write complaints never voiced
And letters that I'll never send
I meditate on God's glory
And ponder what I can't comprehend.
I write to release Mind's prisoners
So my fears don't multiply
I write to let happiness flow from me
And sometimes for I don't know why.


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