Why I Write

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 17:28 -- AbiCook


Because my heart has a song to sing

of life, liberty, and grace.


Because I have a voice to be heard

to spread the word of love and peace.


Because I have knowledge to share

that can be used by all who hear.


Because I can't keep it bottled inside,

I write

     I tell

          I speak.


I know where I've been,

I know what I've become.


I know what is within me,

the potential that I hold.


I desire to share with others

so they can experience too,

the joy that comes with living

and know their prayers come true.


I look around me,

at the chaos and depression.

With the light that I hold dear in life,

I can made a difference!


Because of this,

I write

     I tell

          I speak.


I've been made a witness

of the things I've seen and heard.


I show by my deeds,

and tell others by words

of this life that I lead

with no doubt, worry or fear.


The freedom that I enjoy,

the total peace in life.


Because of this,

I write

     I tell

          I speak.



Need to talk?

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