Why I write


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Why I write
To let the pain all out
The sleepless nights when I wasn't thought about
Kick off the pedal stool when I had something to say
Made fun of because what I wore that day

Why I Write
To let other people know they’re not alone
That they're awesome and stay strong
Even thought people throw the stones and kick you down
Persevere because there's going to be a huge turn around

Why I write
To let go of my past
To be free at last
Showing that I let go and I now know how to open my mouth and say no

Why I write
To motivate the lives that gave up
That’s tired of living the life of corrupt
Difficult is the word they use
When they are lost and don't know what to do

Why I write
So people can relate
Understand that there's no time to procrastinate
Ambition is what you aim for
Determination is what you do forevermore

Why I write
To cry out to the lives
That is ashamed to let their voice be heard
The ones who have gotten abused and didn't deserve

Why I write
To prove a point that the society didn't believe
That a teen like me have a heart and voice that wants to speak out to but was closed tightly

Why I write
For the people who were demanded to keep silent
Even though they witness drugs and violence
The quilt just continued to grow
But they just held it in not trying to show

Why I write
To let people know writing is my therapy
That seems to be there when ever I call out "Help me"
Writing is great so you can let go
And be capable to strongly grow

Why I write
For myself
And for you



I hope you enjoy my poem "Why I write"

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