Why I Write


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I put pen to paper
To uncover the words I think
but cannot speak
or the ones I fear to speak
I write to communicate the bold words.
I write to take a chance
to go out on a limb.
I love these words.
The way they wrap around ideas tight.
Or jump the page into a cosmic thread.
Or order lunch. Or mourn the dead.
Or break my heart. Or blow my mind.
On this paper,
I can sing.
I can dream.
I can imagine.
When I write, I am.
I am here.
I am honest.
I am perfect.
A part of my soul reaches out to touch the world,
and maybe a small ripple spreads.
These words allow freedom.
Freedom to feel with sharp clarity.
Freedom to dull my senses to the pain.
Even a freedom to escape my vicious surroundings
to live among fantasies.
These words are
A personality
An individuality
A voice.
A voice unlike any other.
It is
A song, to touch your heart.
Flowing like a fresh spring stream.
Licking the air as hungry flames.
On this paper,
my voice lives on forever
carved into the paper...
a piece of my soul, saved.
A power beyond measure.
A beauty without comparison.
I write to paint a picture.
To bring color
to my darkened world...
To make the world I see...real.
To paint my conscious to my audience,
and then read the pastel splendor beneath my fingertips...
I write to think clearly.
I write to remember my love.
I write to forget my heartbreak.
I write to move on.
I write for those who have loved and lost.
I write for those who have lived, and been hurt.
I write to heal the pain.
I write to find myself.
I write to achieve prosperity.
I write because I have to write.
I write because I would go crazy if I didn't.
I write because I am crazy.
I write to make sense of the hideous intricacy of this world.
I write because I am happy.
I write because I am in pain.
I write for the sheer joy of it.
I write because sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me here.
Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me breathing.
I'm addicted to this pen...and this paper.
I write for expression.
And I write to find the truth
in a sea of lies.


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