Why....? How....? You....?

Why stay in the darkness when you can light up the night?

Why stay hidden when your eyes can shine?

How do you not know how unique you are?

You're the sun morning and the biggest, brightest star

Why are you hiding behnd the hands of your maker?

Why are you acting when you can be the director?

How do you suppose to live out your dream?

You can shout from the top and from the trees you can scream

There is no one else like you in this world

Sit back and watch as your talents unfold

You have never been one to believe in failure

You used to discover the game and be the first player

Can't nobody in the world do it like you

The world is fake but you make it true

I see the look in youre eyes, youre doubting your own strength

I see the fire that burns, don't forget to keep the faith

Why blend into this world when you can stand out?

Why stay in one place when you can wander about?

How do you plan on making your future brighter?

Take a chance, don't look back and always try harder

I see that you are willing to take a chance

You glow in the dark while we watch you dance

So why hide in the crowd when you can lead it?

Soon your enemies will be your footstool because they didn't believe it

You are you, so always try

Dance freely and don't forget to do it right



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