Why give when you dont get anything back

We're often asked for our opinion or thought but yet we are failed to be seen

It's as if though were a secondary choice, to give satisfactory to those whom ask

Beliving that our knowledge cant expand from those who have been here longer than we

We are being avoided, nor taken seriously as we give different perspectives on how things should be

Others are afriad of change, and that is why they fail to see

We give a new hope, in search for not only the support of our family, but for those who wish to see a change as well

We hope that for once we can be heard, in order to fullfill that accomplishment within our selves

Knowing that what we have to offer is more than a opinion ignored ...




Great Poem and word choice, but structure a little choppy! Don't limit yourself by using a specific rhyme scheme! But I love it

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