Why don't you understand?


"You look normal"

"She looks FINE"

Why can't you understand the pain behind my eyes?


"I have a short temper"

"I scream and shout"

Why can't you understand that I can't control my pout?


"You are beautiful"

"You have so much potential"

Why can't you see that the struggle takes everything out of me?


"I want to feel normal"

"I want to have real friends"

Why can't you take these numbers out of my head?


"Lets raise her dose of meds"

"She has had fewer outbreaks"

Why don't you understand that these meds are taking over me?


I have Bipolar

I have Schizophrenia

I have Psychosis

Why don't you understand that Mental illness is a Daily struggle & its nobodys FAULT?

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