Why do you write so angrily?


Because in baby showers the color is already since forever set in stone

Because there are people this moment getting discriminated by their God-given skin tone

Because there is such a thing as stereotyping, separating us all

Because I can't go out in the street at night for my family's been fighting together through this fall

Because species are getting extinct every day leaving future generations to not see

Because the government makes us live patterns as if there's nothing else we can be

Because being school is more important to some other than finding themselves in the infinite abyss

Because some girls are being tricked by a frog into a fake true loves kiss

Because "princesses" can't "save" themselves and can't be more than what they are

Because I'm told I can't reach my dreams, that they're way beyond the stars

Because the wage gap exists making inequality more evident

Because women are being taught since day one that they're something less than heaven sent

Because when I was 13 my heart got broken for a bet

Because at 14 I learned that I'll never go far because my destiny was already set

Because when I was 15 my heart was played with leaving a scar

Because women are treated as an all you can eat bar

Because I have to cover up to not give people the wrong idea of who I am

Because society makes you care so much when it's all one big scam

Because my mom is scared of men looking at me on the street

Because we have all succumbed to society, admitting defeat

Because my favorite skirt is considered slutty and looks oh so completely wrong

Because we are all drowning ourselves trying to escape so the end won't feel so strong

Because society says don't get raped instead of don't rape

Because if my friend comes out she'll be considered by her family to be out of shape

Because I get asked about a boyfriend more than my mental health

Because we have to hide who we truly are with maximum stealth

Because we can't go where we want because of money or school

Because we'll forget it all soon enough making us all look a fool

Because money separates us all from all our friends and our families

Because our planet is getting loose off of natures lost beautiful trees

Because my friend feels the need to get a girl more than focus on his self-education

Because everywhere you go has a reminder of the trampled sad history of its nation

Because my friend is lost in who he is because of what society says

Because countries are being tortured instead of protected by their very own fez

Because my "loving" and "different" school discriminates over sexuality

Because my brother can't be himself around my family

Because I can't be myself without my family criticizing every little thing

Because some people's will for life is hanging from a very thin string

Because my uncle died not completing his dreams leaving them to hang

Because from that day forward I knew that my life was meant for so much more than a strain  

Because I decided to carry my uncle's weight and give this world a reason to change

Because my heart due to this world will never start to rearrange

Because I'm having to write out my feelings and put them within this piece

And because my words will live on longer at once when I'm deceased...


This poem is about: 
Our world



Hi, I was wanting to know if you would approve of me using your poem for a speech and debate. Your piece was absolutely amazing. No one would be paying to see it. I would also give you full credit for your piece during the event.


Sure! Sorry for the late reply! And thank you. Let me know how it goes! 


Thank you so much!!


I have a speech and debate tournament coming up. Is it ok if I use your poem? I would really like to share it.



Of course! As long as you give me credit- Claudia Fernanda Martinez! 


Okay thank you I really appreciate it.

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