Why do we Rob our own Homes?


Aluminum, plastic, cigarette butts

Decorate a dusty Texas town

A beer can hits my windshield,

Flung from a monster truck

Exhaust billows like a smokestack


Met with scoffs, my raised concern

“My hard-earned dollars ain’t goin’ no tree-huggin’ recycle program.”


Well, let me say that mine will come with me

Along with a degree, laboratory technology

To greener places, to Washington University

In an effort not to flee, but with the knowledge I can be


An environmental scientist

Tired of watching in silence

Humans taking, not replacing


Gorillas hit the gas when they see a girl,

The noise enough to drown the sound

Of a dying planet’s plea – STOP THE MADNESS.

You think I’m exaggerating, overreacting

Until you watch a man hit and run a puppy

With purpose – “well it was in his goddamn way.”


There are many in this world who care less

For stewardship and sparrows

Than getting to the Sunday service

On time, latte in hand, smile on face.


But you won’t see me smiling, because I know

Ignorance ain’t bliss – it’s a DEATH WISH.


So I’ll embark on an education for growth

Not waste, not wreckage, not ruin

Of the wildlife, the resources

The science that sustains us -

Not here to entertain us.


Star to star, dust to dust -

This is my return on the investment.

This is how I’ll show the universe I care.


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