Why do we listen to "they"?


Let's get drunk, and have drunk sex.

So when we wake up, we can't be upset.

There's no recollection of the night before,

we'll let confusion walk, right out the door.

Though underneath forgotten memories, 

we'll have done our truest, secret fantasies.

Maybe one day you will realize, 

what we've managed to hid under these real lies.

Like the fact that really we're in love;

and, we are longing to rise above

all the adversity we have to face.

And, immaturity that's been placed

into our minds. It's a big deal, 

that society gets to decide how we feel.

Why we listen is a mystery.

But, one day we WILL have victory,

and be what we truly should. 

Lovers. Through the bad and good.

We can take on the world together;

through rain, shine, any weather.

We're perfect, yes, you and I.

It's crazy that we even try to hide.

And why can't we face destiny?

It's so clear, we are meant to be.

The way we talk, the way we gaze.

You've got me in such a childish daze.

You take me to when I was happy,

and make the dreams I have reality.

When I'm with you I feel secure.

I am not afraid of this anymore. 

So please, take my hand.

We've got nothing to lose.

Because I know you love me, and I love you.

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