Why do people cry?

Why do people cry?
Why do people cry?
Is it the salt in your sweat or the water in your eyes? 
Or weakness just caught all up inside?
As they trail down and burn your skin
Like knives that just want to be held in
Or perhaps you want to be held instead
So that you wont explode when they say "it's all in your head"
You're never good enough
No matter the try
You fail and you fail and you fail then you die
What a shame
What a disappointment you've become
Your so selfish
You'll be fixed with a lectures and wisdom
You try to be strong
You struggle to smile
And when you do no one notices it's real for that while
For that smile you wear
It'll start to fade
Your skin while get pale
Your cheekbones produce shade
You look kind of sickly.
Are you alright?
It's just me, I say
I'm tired of the fight
I have no say
I have no right
To decide what I want
What I need in this life
God knows my struggles
God knows my cries
He's my best friend
He knows when I lie
Nobody knows 
Nobody sees
How hard a perfect life
Could ever be
I have food to eat
I have a family
Friends that make me feel alright by lying to me
A boy who I love
And worries endlessly
But the boy will never see
How much life hurts me
How life can be hard
When life is kind? 
The worst kind of life is when you're wrapped and in bind
I'm lucky
I'm blessed
To have a pretty face
To have good grades in school
To be tied to that fate
I have yet to know why people cry. I cry because I know there's no answer to "why?".


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