Why Couldn't You Save Me?


Why couldn't you save me?

I tried to tell you,

I tried to let you see,

but instead you withdrew,

away from me as if you didn't care,

I was drowning in pain,

something that I just could no longer bare,

and it was driving me insaine.

Why couldn't you save me?

My arms were covered in cuts,

but I covered them because they were ugly,

like overly mixed mutts. 

I was silent and isolated, 

and my smiles were always fake,

I felt suffercated,

I just needed a brake.

Why couldn't you save me?

I just wanted someone to save me,

I tried to show you every sign,

but you just let it be,

I had finally reached my deadline.

Its over.

Its too late.

My sky just got dimmer,

and I reached my final fate.

Why couldn't you save me?


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