Why? Why? Leave me alone.

Emotions dropping from the surface,

while rage and despair rip me open at the same time.

Happiness battered, love gone tattered, joy shattered while mixed feelings scattered.
Ash, ash, ash and more ash. Emotions from my being are gone with a flash.

Heart of hope sinking, my spirit running from the feelings and the truth.

Me and only me and hell knowing the void, my soul and my body conip over spilled 

milk of emotions of envy, hate and untruthfulness.

Feelings about to erase, like the status of your Facebook page.

Melachony, great melachony floods my body knowing the loneliness attached to me.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? The void of hell, the void of love and the void of 


A friend broke the code and me, myself and I will lose the truth and emotions that I 


The great escape on love is not worth.  



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