do you ever get to the point were you just want to be heard? where you scream out but nobody hears you?and once you realize why they didnt hear you, you start to cry. they didnt hear me because they didnt care. they were to self absorbed. to caught up in your mistakes. to busy worrying about NOW and not LATER. why? why do i seek attention that i dont deserve? why do i crave their love whole heartedly, when i know its absolutly worthless? why cant she love me like she loves him? why cant i call her MOM and mean it? why cant i go a day without thinking that if i die, they wont even notice? "I LOVE YOU kenzie" is what he says, so why do i wish he was gone? why am i crying? for once cant i just pull it together?!?! can i just put on a real smile, not a fake one? this may come as a suprise but,






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