They said to write a poem to clear my head

but why

It will help 

And you are good.

I am not particularly fantastic

Well sure you are,

You can capture emotion and -

That's what a writer does

Just do it, okay?


Why is this right?

It's not, 

I know

But it seems to be the norm.  

And I just can't take it!

It leaves me speechless

And I don't know how to react and that makes me nervous

But I can't even think straight

And everyone is crying


What is life?

I know that that question is probably normal to ask,

Especially at a time like this,

But Living is the only way to have response

But if that response is bad then what is the point?

This was supposed to clear my head not clutter it...

And what about the people?

There's a reason for this

And often that reason is too sad to comprehend 

But in order to understand,

Fully understand,

We have to look deeper.

We have to step into another's shoes

And legitimately question whether we would have done the same.

Most often the answer is yes.

And that's scary.

Scarier than the act itself

The fact that we have that capability 

The capability to conceive a thought

Of killing more people than imaginable,

In one of the most vulnerabe places

Known to man.

Why is that?

Why is our immediate response violence?

Is it the enviornment?

Or perhaps it's more that 

Society has changed

And not for the better.  











Clutter. Clear. Clutter. Clear. 

I can't decide.

But some thoughts are on paper

And that's okay.

It's okay to express. 






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