Banging machinery and grinding gears

You find yourself among your peers

Foreign yelling fills the air

Absolutely unaware

Of what this place has in store

As you are beaten through another door


Tall creatures in splattered jackets wait

For you to come tumbling through their gate

Instantly beaten to the ground

Struggle and fight as your ankles are bound

They don't understand your frightened cries

As you slowly begin to rise

Until you hear the metal clang

Above the floor you swing and hang


Suddenly appears a heartless man

Whose knife he held eagerly ran

Across your neck, you feel the blade

A move you could not soon evade

In fear and agony you begin shake

Hoping that your ties will break

As he rips a tube from your throat

You are dropped on that note


Attempting to stand and try to escape

Unable to do so in your shape

Here, trapped until you die

You close your eyes and wonder how and why

You ever deserved such a fate

To be served on another's plate



I wrote this poem in 2009 when I was a Senior in High School. Today, I stumbled across across #YOWO and thought I would give it a shot and publish it. I hope you like it!

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