But Why?


People think, argue, philosophize.

People dream, live, and die.

People hate, love, laugh, cry.

The actions of humans are so desperate,

But why?


Are words ever empty or spoken in the hope of provoking truth?

Is everything  frivolous or a subconscious search in every move?


What is so time consuming that all of our time is consumed?

We fill our lives with busyness—it’s how we are groomed.

Do we find the action more important than the mission?

We operate out of habit instead of from vision.

People are hating, loving, laughing, and crying for the sheer feelings that are brought about from these emotions.

They are treading through feelings like one lost in the oceans.

Some have decided this is what we live for.

Our fickle hearts are our core.

What we feel in a day is what we follow.

The next feeling may be different, but still hollow.


Happiness is what we pursue,

Every day after something brand new.

We passionately waste so much time.

Some spend beyond their very last dime.

The actions of humans are a desperate cry,

But why?



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