Who's Next?

They say life is like a vow, something that is meant to be broken.

They say death is its predator, but yet life was meant to be its conqueror.

Yet, death is simply a weapon, it's doesn't point its finger picking its next selection.

Obviously creativity fell short upon reaching its peak, 

but what I can cleverly see is that the epitome of its genius has not yet deceased.


See the clever thoughts of its speaker, has been crushed upon its dreamer. 

Hypothetically speaking, this isn't evolution;

but Leonardo Da Vinci thought that impossible was an illusion.

If nonfiction wasn't real, then maybe we wouldn't have so many addictions to kill. 

See diseases are just another deception that were design to pressure us into confession.

The silhouettes of its dressing, steady coating and massing me in its infection.


I call code blue upon my intervention, seeking forgiveness for those out of adolescence.

Their deep interior design was fashionable beyond my time,

yet those with bloodshot eyes were seen dancing in disguised.

He was taped and masked in black.

Flickering of lights, yet sound fades from memory. 

The ricocheting of metal, but few has pierced this vessel.


The contingency of time has faded to sand,

yet the grip between my fists has implied my fill.

Looks can be deceiving, but not the face of a killer.

I have played my hand well, yet I've never got to scream bloody murder.

Yet depressed, my breath has been drowned by death.

I wait in agony waiting for my rest, but upon departing I looked above;

only to see an image of a shadow shaking.


Like I said, looks can be deceiving; he was only afraid of my appearance.

The indigence of my appearance has left me bleeding.

How sick can my delusion be, if I'm a genius?

Apparently it must be convenience.


Mafi Grey

Please comment as much as you can. It motivates me to write, when i have an audience behind me. Thanks

Mafi Grey


Mafi Grey

Please stop the violence.
Let words take arms, instead of something that can't be seen, though heard.
A flick of light with loud noise is not a toy, it will kill.
Don't let another hit the news, don't let another be taken from violence.
Stop the shooting, stop the killing, please stop this; we are losing our children.

Mafi Grey

This is for Trayvon Martin.

Mafi Grey

This is for those kids we lost in Newtown.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

we need to as a community to please stop the violence.
increase the peace
great poem-keep writing brother

Mafi Grey

We need all the help we can get. This is the only way to get the crimes away from our future.


That was ... crazy . Ridiculous. Astonishing. Amazing. Wonderful, Thoughts placed part for part, intellectual words and words and words that can be heard very clearly. From one poet to the next, that was literally inspiring. I will direct my friends to this poem specifically, and take the time to read many more. Also.. "that was design to pressure us into confession" Fix the spell check, that WERE DESIGNED. :)

Mafi Grey

I want to thank you for this comment, because it shows that writing is more than words. I try to support those who need it, because my words are powerful with a crowd behind them. Thanks again, and I will post more of my new projects soon. I'm working on 5 poems at a time, it kind of tricky.



Mafi Grey



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