To Whoever Dates My Baby Sister

Mon, 08/08/2016 - 17:40 -- Jordzhi

To whoever dates my baby sister

I have been waiting for you

My sister is a diamond among pebbles

She's kind

She’s smart

She is a billion times more then you will ever



She is so so easy to love


When you fall in love with her

Please know

I am watching you

I do not trust you

I am crazy enough to kill you

So tell me your name

I’ll remember it

and I swear if it is a name that my sister bawls into my shoulder

watch your back

Answer my questions with some confidence

because I have many of them

and be forewarned that I will mentally take off points for grammatical errors

and don’t lie to me

Do not tell me you want to be a doctor

when from the whites

I mean reds

of your eyes I can tell you’d rather study herbology

When I ask you what you do


Be proud of yourself

So that you can be proud of her too

Be passionate

I’m not saying to sarante her song of your undying love

or to show up late at night in the pouring rain with roses

In fact please don’t show up late at night in the pouring rain with roses

Our Dad really doesn’t like nighttime visitors

What I mean is defend her should she ever need defending

Listen to her when she speaks

Take her on the ride of her life

but make sure she wears her seatbelt

and have her home five minutes early

Be the reason she smiles randomly throughout the day

Be the stories she tells to her friend at night

But don’t you ever lay a hand on her

Because she's been taught to find the heaviest object she can swing and come after you with it

Realize that she absolutely



NEED you to live

But if you make her happy then stick around

Tell her how much she means to you everyday

and make sure she feels special

Be gentle with her

but don’t treat her like glass

Because glass is sharp and you could get cut

Respect her

Give her space

And if I ever hear you promise you’ll treat my little sister like a princess

Then you better build her a fucking castle


This poem is about: 
My family


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