Who You Are

You feel no one knows you

The scars are a reminder of a past wanting to be forgotten

Pulling down the sleeves to drown the voices

Full of reminders by the judgments of society

You are who you are

Change for no one

You are beautiful in and out

Those who don't see it can just move on

In their game you're just their pawn

Soon you will be gone

You may be different but baby I am too

Lets run away from our past

No looking over our shoulders

We're labeled weird and freaks

They don't know the real me

I'm drowning in these sorrows but baby I'm still me

Don't let your mistakes define you

You are who you are

One day you will meet the guy

Who will want to make you fly

Forget those reminders cause baby

He will love you for who you are

The scars make you even more beautiful to him

Forget the past and the judgements

Leave "society" behind

You are who you are

Baby don't change who you are to fit in

The right people will find you

Stay true to who you are



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