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Hijabs, Prayer rugs, Tasbeehs, Salats, Bows, Pilgrimage
I started with my creed but I forgot to say Bismillah first
Because in the name of God, the most gracious, most merciful
I begin my first and last breath with his blessings upon my sinful spirit
Let me tell you about us
Us meaning we
We as a long distance family
Reuniting every Ramadan starving til the sun sets freely
Down on Earth where we are nothing but dirt
Decomposing every second we sin until our second birth
Six feet under the ground
Too late to turn around
So don’t you look at me with those prejudice eyes and expect me to drop a bomb
Because I just might drop one on your heart instead through these agonizing words spewing from my core
Drowning in my blood
The same blood that bleeds red like you and me
Because the last time I checked, we are indeed a part of the same species
But apparently I’m not a Muslim, my dear brother
Work, school, eight hours a day
Only to come home to perform ablution to repent for forgiveness for our selfish acts
But I’m not a Muslim
Visiting the Mosque every Friday for prayer
Prayer for peace in the world
But I’m still not a Muslim
Hijacking planes, blowing up buildings, attacks worldwide by the Taliban in the name of our Lord?
Now I’m a Muslim, aren’t I?
Don’t you see that these false accusations are messing with your perception of what’s real and what’s fraudulent?
Because in order to be a part of Islam I must have a contract binding me to the Al-Qaeda as a form of Jihad
Which means dying in the name of our creator
Don’t you see we aren’t meant to be mimicked like an evil cult?
But no, it happens
Yet I am a Muslim
With Hijabs, Prayer rugs, Tasbeehs, Salats, Bows, Pilgrimage
Continuing on the right path like my brothers and sisters
Praying this temporary pain away
‘Til judgement day
Inshallah, God willing


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