Who Is She ?


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Who is Brandy? She's more than smooth brown skin and luscious thighs .. who is Brandy? She's more than her bald head and brown eyes .. who is Brandy ? She is more than her smart mouth and round back side .. who is Brandy? She is more than a proper speaking little Liberty girl .. who is Brandy ? Brandy , Brandy , Brandy ... Who is Brandy you might ask .. well Brandy is a strong minded individual that values respect , honesty and integrity someone who is a hard worker that has lots of ambition and drive with goals she is more than a stereotype and a category she is a young lady looking to find herself digging deeper and deeper everyday a young lady that strives to do better that wants to make a change in not only her life but those around her she is a complex and far from simple minded she is wise beyond her years she is respectful and free willed she is on the quest for greatness and will stop at nothing to get it so who is Brandy might you ask Brandy is a daughter , granddaughter , a lover , a fighter , a strong black woman that with the right people around her and with God on her side nothing nor anyone can harm , beat down , discourage , or stray away from achieving her goals and ambitions that hopefully one day you will see is the woman that everybody said she couldn't be.

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Head strong , very focused

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