Who is this Person Behind the Curtain?


I might be the loud one in the class

I might be the one you has you laughing

I might be the smart one

I might be the friendly face in the crowd

But is that really me?




I’m the one who really is scared she’ll mess up

I’m the one who cries behind these eyes

I’m the one looking to see if I’m the only one


Yes that’s me.


I hide my imperfections the best I can behind this mask of mine

I hide my fears, my regrets, my failings behind this mask

I feel so hidden and not seen


This mask isn’t me.


I’m not perfect

I might be making a mistake right now

I’m not the best

I might be good enough though

I’m not as strong as you think

I might be getting stronger than before

I’m the one behind the curtain.

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