Who I Write For...

Who I Write For..

Who do I write for?

Do I write for the kids whose screams are muffled by oppression in the countries whose names I can not pronounce?

Or do I do it for the little boy or girl whose been bullied one to many times whose eyes are full of pain and hurt but everyone else is blind?

Maybe I do it for my mom whose caring soul can't seem to get a break?

No. I do it for myself, a greedy, selfish need to to heard without making a sound.

I do it for my alter ego, I love when she smiles. 

I do it so the pain I keep hidden has a way out.

I do it in clever metaphors and dramatic innuendos.

I do it because someone before me had words to stay but didn't know how to get it out.

I do it so the future me can look back on it one day in her beautiful life. 

I do it so when the day when my blood stop flowing I will never die my words will live on.

I do it for the adults who wish they could be kids again.

I do it for the freaks and geeks who society deemed unfit.

I do it for the kids who has ever wondered "does anyone love me?" 

But most of all I do it because it's my life. 



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