Who I will forever stand by

There is a girl.

A girl with beautiful eyes

And a stunning personality

The room lights up

Whenever she is in it

She is my best friend

And the one I love most

Even though the feelings

Aren't returned

That's fine

Because when I told her

¨I love you¨

She did not shun me

Or reject me

She just accepted it

And we remained friends

She is the one I trust

And the one who has kept me going

We can just sit for hours in eachother's company


Making weird faces



And we are perfectly content

We share poems

And stories

And songs together

We sing

She has the voice of an angel

Even though she thinks she doesn't

She's kind

Always caring for everyone

And she'll always put a smile on your face

I love her

More then anyone

As a friend

And as more

She is the one

Who I will forever

Stand by



I love this poem. It is highly relatable and well written.

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