Who I Was


Blinded by pain and anger
Suffocating in the darkness
Enveloped in my own self hatred 
I can't see
There's no light at the end of the tunnel
No kind smile in a sea of judgmental grimaces
No path to guide me out of the dark woods I wander through
Not for me
The nightmares that haunt my dreams
Bring me joy and comfort
As the beautiful lies of my sleep are easier 
So much easier
Than the painful truth of my life
Leave me
Let me drown in the sorrow that I wallow in
Let me burn in the scorching fires of agony in my mind
Let me hang from the rope of despair and delusion 
Watch me break
And as the shattered pieces of my heart,
Of my mind,
Crash into the floor with the rest of my failing body,
Take a good look
See me for who I am
Who I was


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