Who I truly am.

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 16:50 -- Perci


Without filters, I exist in my truest form, and in my truest form is all I want to exist as. Without filters i am Mylself, and individual who does not rely on tricks and styles to express myself. I speak what i know I want to say, and give everyone one the respect they deserve, for it is earned not given. I do not fall behind, nor do I try to become one with the masses. I stand as a unique human being who gladly embraces his flaws and puts forth the effort to balance them. I work hard even if others have a different opinion. I am not what i may appear to others, as some say I am a horrible person, and at times they may be correct, but in the same instance, am I only a monster to you for something they have done, or am I monster of no reason? The world becomes more open when filters are removed, and people begin to notice how everything truly looks. I truly embrace how i am without out filters, a being who does not rely on crutches to live life.

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