Who I am

People say if you wanna know the truth just talk it out
What they don't know is that real truth is only something that we write about
Call me Pinocchio, can't you see my nose grow with every lie
I ain't got no strings, ha what a joke; Better kiss those dreams goodbye
Mom, dad there's something I should've told you years ago, but now I guess the whole world has to know
Society can judge me with every concept, taking my words out of context
The whole place is turned inside out, everything's all backwards and turned around
Wrong feels so right in my head and every breath I'm breathing brings me closer to death
  Can I plaster a smile on my face or will I cave? Break down, drowning in my tears...bottled everything up for what feels like a million years
Judge me, just know that I never asked for your opinion
Could I be the DJ up there spinning, this record called life
We all have to compromise when we finally tell the truth
So let me lay it all down for you; I'm a chicken yet I can't even dance, which is completely irrelevant
Too scared to tell people who I really am, just a girl with a religion that believes there are 3 kingdoms in Heaven
Believing in God is really tough, try to tell people why and they're like enough is enough
I lack the faith to walk up to a girl and say, "hi" to her face
My skills flow from behind the screen, why do i freeze?
I'm gay with a rainbow that shines real bright, fearing the day I'm not accepted, maybe I'll end my life
Not really though dying scares me too, Scaring me even more is what I just told you
Please don't back away just listen to what I'm saying
Everyday, everynight I'm praying asking God is this really who I am?
I haven't heard an answer but I get a feeling; That your looking at the ceiling trying to avoid eye contact
Well it's too late to take it all back , it's out there said and done
Just type below your opinion
Remember I'm different but so are we all
Calculate your words make me feel real small. My life is my own, you don't make the calls
If you have a problem with me...that's your own fault!
Love is love no matter how we see it
Happily ever after we all believe in it
Deep down we're all the same, different in our own unique way
Tell me I'm wrong or believe I'm right
I won't back down, not from this fight
A battle that's been going on for years, will anyone put a stop to all these tears?
One day one of us will have to speak up
For the rights they've been keeping from us
I want to live in a world full of love and not fear
Is that too much ask or will it be the same every year?
Where people like me are afraid to be ourselves, Scared to ask for anyone's help
They might judge us or hate who we are
I know these are just words, but it's a good place to start.


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