Who I Am

It seems to me

the older I get

The less I know myself

and the more others think they know

They say much can change in a year

I say much can change in a day


When I look into the mirror, what do I see?

Some say my mother

Some say my father

In my own eyes, I see something else

The successes

The far more numerous mistakes


To put one’s entire identity into a sentence

or even a paragraph

is to say that a hurricane

is just a summer drizzle


Is my identity wrapped up in

the goals I’ve scored?

the races I’ve won?

the grades I’ve received?


What about

the friends I’ve made

or lost?

The decisions I’ve made

the good and the bad


I am the product of my life experiences

Yet in a year, I will be living a completely different life

As much can change in a day More can change in a year.

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