Who I am


I am a confused girl with a sorry soul

a confused girl with no plans to hold 

a confused girl with a body to mold 

a confused girl who is ready to go 


I lost those men

I lost their sin

praise God I lost them 

I lost zero wins


You've seen me searching

you've seen me working

you've seen the oceans

you've seen the broken


I have no desire to run

no desire to spin what is spun

only desire to say 

I am individually astray 


I am led by the songs

I am led by my wrongs 

I am led no longer

by what sinks and flounders


I am a daughter of my mother 

a sister not a brother 

a daughter without a father 

a sister who hollers 


I was once a girl alone

I was a robot, I was a drone 

I was a maiden in distress 

I now look to heaven and find rest 


I am still confused 

I  know not what I do 

I do what I want 

but I dont want what I do 


My plans are not my own

I give them to the throne 

his kingdom will rule mine


He makes me divine.



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