Who is He?


Born into this world alone, he was.

Leave out of this world alone, he will.

It is up to him to decide how he will live his dash

and who will be left to have his will.


It was twenty years ago that a young child was conceived,

With a heart and mind so creative and innovative, he grew to receive

That anything could happen if he just believed.

But along with that belief, he realized that he mustn't be naive

To the fact that there were people hoping to kill his ingenuity.


Weird, he was.

More ridicule, he got from the hundreds of people who never understood his plot.

A plot to take over so many industries by storm,

the more the people hated, the more strength he had to carry on.


He stood strong, despite the many downs in his life,

kind of like David to Goliath, his size put up a great fight.

Encouraging himself that the finish line was near,

he was his own hero and yes he persevered.


Fast-foward to this very day, he continues to inspire

many children of ethnic, gender, and and out-of-this-world attire.

To those who do not know and are wondering, "Who is he?"

His name is Christian D. Smith and he is me.





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