Who Do I Write For?

Does anyone hear me?

Can you hear my voice?

The last 6 years I have been trying to make some noise.

There is a generation underneath us with young ones rising up.

They are unashamed soldiers for the gospel, they’re listening and sizing up.


My voice, what impact can that do?

What haven’t been said or has been?

What will I say differently or new?

Watch what He do. He’s the capital H and He lowered I.  H before W and H, following all after Y. Humility!

The Sargent’s Hebrew names, Yahweh (Yah-weh), Elohim, and “Lord of lords”, Adonai.


I’m a rapper doubling as a poet. I’m world changer.

I been to another world, South America, a month ago, and I notice….

A different type of youth looking for pure relationship instead of fads and trends, following the savior, real about it, no pretend.

I know people don’t want to just hear it, they’ll dismiss it. I want to see change in the world for hope.

I’m listening, I could hear them.

Maybe I am just another artist, who is Christian, I’m a person too but more passionate about people in Him, better living.


Is anyone listening?

What do the voiceless supposed to do?

Nouns, person, place and things put into actions describing them all, verbs, they move.

In to their places, where they are stationed to make a difference. It’s unforgettable, give its sometime, is already happening across the nations.

Head of all heads in charge. Who can dethrone Him? He’s patient but is rising up his army for His Glory Alone, to live in a way that shows Him Alone.


Does anyone hear me?

My voice, what impact can that do?

Is anyone listening? I’m a rapper doubling as a poet in the world of constant change.

Who do I write for?

What do the voiceless supposed to do?


I write for the nations, my family, friends, and all of you. But let me not pretend, I write for the most for the Lord. I want to live out what He do.

The last 6 years I have made noise. Let them hear and see You, and never me, O’Lord.

At the end of this spiritual war it’s Your voice that impacts most, no matter how much we believe we have an important voice.

Who do I write for? Why do I do it?

His army finds it’s another outlet for His vessel to live out His purpose and usage.


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