Who is to blame?

Who is to blame? Abuse and neglect, it will all leave little girl a wreck. Tired of the same thing. Every day, every night, nothing changes, it will never be right. Waking up to screaming, bloody white tears are gleaming. White droplets trickle down her neck, she asked daddy for a kiss but he won't give her a peck. Her heart is grieving, chest is tight. Mind is racing. Never feels right. Mommy cries. Daddy gets high. Daddy leaves. Mommy tells lies. Daddy gets drunk and takes little girl to a room. Mommy came in, but don't assume, mommy got consumed. Older sister is still a teen. Trying to pay bills but she needs her meds. Sister got stressed and little girl grabbed the gun. She can't catch a break, someone help her for her own sake. Sister is still too young, she has a future, she has her own dreams. Little girl covered her eyes, but she could still see. The darkness engulfing her, it won't leave. It's strapped all around, in circles, it's there. Little girl covered her ears, she doesn't want to hear. It calls to her, her madness inside. Little girl is trying to get a future, but she's held down. There's no money. My God where is it found? Momma needs the doctor, but daddy needs God. Sister is insane but she won't follow her heart. Little girl, she's... Tired of not dreaming nightmares anymore. She's not sleeping. She won't pop pills. She's trying to stay a good kid, but she's thinking things a kid shouldn't think. Clinging to her faith, she is scared to let go. Now. Where is she to go? What is she to do? She shouldn't question God, but she can't wait, she has to leave. Little girl got lost. Little girl can't be found. Mom called the cops. Sister lost her job. Dad got arrested. But little girl is nowhere to be found.


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